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    Online exclusives from £80 at Lacoste

    Check these beautiful accessories! You can get them only online! No Lacoste discount code needed, prices start from £80.

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    Free Returns at Lacoste

    Don't worry about your order! If you won't like it you can return it totally for free at Lacoste!

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    Free Delivery from Lacoste

    Enjoy a free shipping to your home without using any Lacoste promo codes! Shop for exclusive items! Minimum spend of £80 applies.

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Coupons Lacoste

Type Discount details Expiry date
Sale Online exclusives from £80 at Lacoste Until further notice

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Lacoste Returns

What happens if you get your order and you don’t like it as much as you did when your placed the order? Easy, just return it and get your money back. Starting from the day you received it, you have 30 days to send it back. The best thing about returning at Lacoste is that it’s free. As far as the process itself is concerned, you will need a returns label. Every order comes with one, but if you have lost yours, just contact customer service and a new one can be generated from your account. Just fill out the label, attach it to your parcel and drop it off to be sent free of charge. All the items you wish to return must be in original condition and unused. The processing of your claim may take up to three weeks.

Lacoste Faulty Product Returns

The process of returning faulty items is divided into three stages. The first one is contacting the customer service. You can either call or send an email to get your issue sorted out. You should provide information such as the order number, your contact info (name, email address, etc.) and the problem you have experienced with your Lacoste product. The customer service team will walk you through the whole returns process. The next stage involves a little bit of patience. That’s when your product arrives at Lacoste to be inspected. If it is deemed faulty, you will move on to step three: the refund. Not only will you receive a refund for the product, a delivery fee will also be covered.

How to use Lacoste discount code?

  • Pick and copy the discount code

  • Paste the discount code at checkout in the store's website

  • Enjoy your discount

Here Are Some Of The Amazing Products To Redeem Your Lacoste Promo Code

Men's Contest Leather and Suede Trainers

Looking for a comfortable and stylish everyday pair of shoes? Well, these Lacoste trainers right here should be on your shortlist. The slip-ons work great when you don’t want to deal with pesky shoelaces, and all the materials are world-class. That means leather and suede in this particular example. Design-wise, the Contest draws inspiration from tennis shoes of the 1980’s, but obviously there is a modern twist to it. The white upper and cream outsole make a great duo. And of course, the crocodile logo is centre stage on the upper for everyone to see. Otherwise, what’s the point? Whether you like these or some other shoes, be sure to check if there is a Lacoste promo code you can use to get the price down. After all, why would you pay more than you need to?

Lacoste Touch of Pink Eau de Toilette 90ml

The Lacoste perfume selection is almost as popular as the clothing, but it does evoke completely different feelings. The “touch” part is very important here. The theme of this fragrance is subtlety. Delicate base notes of sandalwood and vanilla that linger for a long time, giving out a lovely feeling. The heart notes consisting of violet leaves and jasmine continue this approach of delicate, sensual vibes. Orange, coriander and cardamom is what you are going to feel as soon as you spray it. It’s the brand’s most popular perfume for a reason. With the Lacoste coupon code, you can get it for a price that is lower than what most people paid for it. Quality perfume for a better price? Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Users’ Reviews


Men's Cotton-Linen Chinos

To be honest, I never really got anything from this store because of the price. It was just a bit too expensive for me. Once, I got a Lacoste t shirt and that was it. Although I did like it a lot and had it for a long time, so I knew it was worth the money. These pants were on sale and I was lucky to get my size, I think they only had like three more pairs. Most pants have a lot of pockets, but these have even more. I’m not the kind of person who carries a phone in a back pocket, but if I were, I would love the fact that there is a big pocket just for that at the back. They feel very soft and comfy, even when it’s hot outside. The summer is when I usually wear shorts, but I can put these on and sweating isn’t much of a problem, at least not as much as in my other trousers.


Women's Anna Reversible Solid Or Striped Colourblock Tote Bag

I love the way this bag looks. I mean, the colour is spectacular! Very well made, too. The fact that you can turn it upside down and it’s a different colour is a genius idea. One thing that did surprise me was how light it was. Before it came, I was bracing for a much heavier bag. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case. After having used it for a while, I now know why it’s so light. There are no extra pockets inside. Sure, the zip pouch is there and that helps but sometimes it’s not enough and things tend to fly around the bag.


More Information About Lacoste

Company History

As you may or may not know, the brand names comes from the last name of one of the founders. In 1933, two Frenchmen, René Lacoste and André Gillier set up a clothing company in Troyes called ‘La Chemise Lacoste’, which stands for ‘The Lacoste Shirt’. At the time, it was a ground-breaking clothing item, created with tennis players in mind. Another revolutionary thing was the crocodile logo. The creators wanted their products to stand out, so they did something no one had done before, put the logo on their shirts. It’s been sporting the brand’s clothing as well as Lacoste shoes and accessories ever since. The tennis origins stem from the fact that René had been a tennis player himself. “The crocodile” was his nickname during his on-court years due to his fierce playing style. Speaking of tennis, it is still very important to the brand. Some of the world’s best tennis players are ambassadors for the brand, along with actors and other well-known people. The golden years of the clothing giant started in the very beginning of the 21st century. That is when the popularity of Lacoste reached global scale. The Lacoste Group is now active in 120 countries on pretty much every continent.

Lacoste Black Friday

Ah yes, November. The month that all the shoppers wait for. Why? Well obviously, it’s because of days like Black Friday! All the stores rush to offer the biggest discounts, and all the customers oblige in doing huge shopping! As great as this sounds, you should be on the lookout for magnificent deals instead of just checking out one online store and settle. It used to be a day full of waiting in queues and pushing over people to get what you wanted. Thanks to the invention and popularity of the internet, that old reality is no more! Now you can go to a website, order your product in a few minutes and that’s it! When it comes to Lacoste, you need to be aware of one thing: Black Friday is a day when you can find a great Lacoste discount code and put it to a great use. It might even work with sale items. Don’t miss out on a chance to get iconic products for a price much, much lower than it usually is.

Lacoste Cyber Monday

If Black Friday is not enough for you, there’s good news. It used to be the only crazy sales day. But times change, and people wanted more, so they got more. The idea behind Cyber Monday has been around for over a decade now, but it picked up in magnitude only in the last few years. Now every store out there is looking to drop prices, which is why you can expect to find great value in using a Lacoste voucher code. It’s one of the days that prove unequivocally that online shopping is not only on the rise, but that it’s also the superior form of making purchases.

Information about Lacoste

It’s one of the world’s most recognizable fashion companies. The brand designs and sells all kinds of clothing and accessories for men, women and kids. The products featuring the famed alligator logo are known for great quality of materials and production, fresh style and great everyday usability. The main product categories are clothing, shoes, leather goods and accessories, such as wallets, bags or backpacks, to name a few. Whether it’s shirts, t-shirts, dresses, jackets, trousers or any other type of clothing, it’s more than possible to get a great deal when you shop online. Aside from the Lacoste sale events, which are organized every now and then, you can use a different trick to lower the price. Just grab yourself a Lacoste discount code and enjoy iconic products for less. No need to thank us, your shopping satisfaction is more than enough.

Lacoste Address

Holborn Gate, 326 - 330 High Holborn
London WC1V 7PP

Contact Lacoste
helpline: (+44) 01 96 23 12 803

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Brand Features

  • Loyalty Program
  • Discount for Signing up to the Newsletter
  • Birthday Discount
  • Easy Return and Exchange

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal

Delivery Options

  • Free Delivery
  • Free Return
  • 14 Days for Return
  • Standard Delivery

Tips And Hints

A tried and tested phenomenon still brings plenty of people to the stores and online. Snatching a piece of clothing, a wallet or a handbag for half the price sounds like a good deal, doesn’t it? Well, those are the kind of discounts you can expect when you shop during a Lacoste sales event. Not all sales are equally lucrative, that’s true, but it’s worth checking them out. We have all the sales listed on our website. And if you manage to add a Lacoste voucher code into the mix, it’s a killer bargain.

This one is simple: you place an order and you don’t pay anything for the delivery service. It’s one of the most popular services store offer these days. However, there is a tiny caveat you need to be aware of before you go on your merry way and start shopping away. Only orders over £70 are eligible for free delivery.

It’s good to be a part of the club, especially if it offers as many benefits as this one. There are four different membership levels, and each one carries the perks of the previous one. Even the lowest one, if you can call it that, has some nice things to offer. The best one is the fact that you are privy to a private Lacoste sale every time it happens. On top of that, you get a digital personal assistant to get you all sorted out in style. Gifts, private events – all of that and more awaits in the loyalty program.

Let’s say you want to get a Lacoste polo shirt. You know your size, so you should be all set, right? Well, yes and no. Sizes differ across brands, so if you really want to be sure you’ve made a good choice size-wise, you should consult the size guide. Every size is described in detail, so you will know exactly which one you should pick to make sure your clothes are going to fit the way they should.

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