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Coupons Dr. Martens

Type Discount details Expiry date
Discount code 10% OFF with Dr. Martens discount code Until further notice
Sale Dr. Martens Sale Up to 40% OFF! Until further notice

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Returns and faulty products in Dr Martens

The customer has 30 days to send back the unwanted items. However, it is worth noting that the items must be unworn and undamaged, with original packaging. There is no option to exchange items, only a refund is possible. There are two ways to send back the package and both are completely free of charge: Royal Mail and Collect+.
For Collect+ return, print the Collect+ label, write down order number and attach it to your parcel and post it in a Collect+ location of your choosing. Also, please remember to remove previous labels from the package to avoid confusion.

For Royal Mail, the process is similar with one exception. There is no need to write down your order number. All the relevant information are on the Royal Mail label. Attach it and post it free of charge at the post office. Regardless of the return option you select, the process takes about 21 working days to complete. Afterwards, Dr Martens usually takes between 3 and 7 business days to refund the amount of your purchase. Additionally, returning a product to a Dr Martens physical store will not be accepted. If you are unable to provide a returns label for any reason, you can download one from and print it.

Faulty products

In the event of receiving a faulty product from Dr Martens, please contact Dr Martens customer service so that the customer service assistants get as much information about the defect of your purchase as possible. The return process is the same as in the regular return. Royal Mail and Collect+ can be used to send back your faulty items to Dr Martens. The service is free of charge.

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Here are the Top Products To Use Your Dr Martens Discount Code On

Dr Martens Boots: Dr Martens 1460 Smooth

The iconic 8-eye leather shoe has never gone out of style and it’s safe to say that it will keep its place in shoe history for decades to come. The Dr Martens 1460 with air-cushioning is the symbol of durability and unique style. The Goodyear welt, dating back to the 19th century is the shining example of how to make a shoe last forever. You won’t need another pair of boots after Dr Martens 1460 because they just soldier on, no matter the conditions. Tried and tested over generations, these Dr Martens boots have stood the test of time and will serve you faithfully for as long as you need them to. Available in sizes ranging from 3 all the way to 15, no foot is too small or too big for Dr Martens 1460 Smooth, and with the Dr Martens promo code, you won’t find a better offer anywhere else! Get your Dr Martens boots in a colour that suits you best: black, white, green, blue or red and discover what it’s like to experience unmatched comfort. Dr Martens voucher code can turn this shoe from a classic choice into an amazing bargain. It’s not just for men, too! The 1460’s are unisex, meaning that you can enjoy them regardless of your gender.

Dr Martens 1461 The Who

When Pete Townsend, the leader of the British rock band The Who, decided to wear the Dr Martens 1461 on stage in 1967, the British music world experienced a seismic shock and was never the same afterwards. The fans of rock’n’roll fell in love with its simple style and durability. The shoe features The Who logo on both sides of the heel which makes the shoe unmistakable for any fan of the band. Made from the best possible materials including smooth leather and using the Goodyear welt technique ensures the shoe’s indestructibility if looked after correctly. With a Dr Martens promo code, the 1461’s will be an amazing value!

Dr Martens Chelsea Boots

The classic Dr Martens boot shape is available in a more fancy form. The Dr Martens Chelsea Boots, also known as Dr Martens 2976 Chelsea boots, add a touch of flair and sophistication to the well-known Dr Martens design. The ankle gusset is the centrepiece of the shoe. Aside from capturing attention, the mechanism makes it extremely easy to take on and off the shoe but at the same time keeps the foot in place and prevents the shoe from falling off. Dr Martens promo code allows you to get these amazing shoes for an equally amazing price!

Product Review


Dr Martens 1460 The Who Black – love them to bits!

I’m a big fan of The Who. I grew up on their music and in many ways it has made me the person I am today. I often go to rock and metal concerts so I need shoes that will not disintegrate after two minutes of wall of death. My friend told me about the 1460’s and when I saw this design I knew I had to have them. They were a bit pricey, I admit, but with a Dr. Martens discount code, I was able to afford it and no go broke in the process. The shoe itself is just awesome. Super comfy, although the first two days were quite painful. After that it was smooth sailing, and I’ve tested these shoes hard. The leather is still in great condition after countless concerts and no rain or mud is able to destroy them. If you find a Dr. Martens sale instead of a Dr Martens code they will still be affordable.


VEGAN BLAIRE OXFORD BRUSH – the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever bought

Most people might find it weird, but I love wearing sandals as much as it’s humanly possible. Not just in the summer during other months I still refuse to change into shoes or boots. The problem with most sandals is that they are usually good for two or three months and they are all bent and ruined and I need to look for a new pair. These sandals seem like they are from a different planet. First of all, they are very supportive and walking on rough surfaces is not an issue for me anymore. The way they are made makes them hold on my foot as tight as I want them to which gives me more confidence when I walk on uneven surfaces. I really had no idea Dr Martens sandals were that much better than any other sandals. And, thanks to the Dr. Martens discount I was able to find cheap Dr Martens shoes, which is something I never thought would be possible.


More Information About Dr Martens

Dr Martens History

One of the most internationally recognised shoe manufacturer and retailer begun its activity in 1947. Two years prior, doctor Klaus Märtens, a German military doctor, had been in a skiing accident. During his recuperation, he came up with an idea for a shoe that is much more durable, supportive and comfortable than the standard-issue German military boots. After establishing a partnership with Dr. Herbert Funk, the duo began manufacturing and selling their shoes. Initially, the shoes were well-received by middle-aged and older women who appreciated the comfort and durability of the shoe that allowed them to work in the garden without ruining their feet.

The 1960’s saw a change in the company’s ownership and the creation of the first of the iconic Dr Martens boots: the 1460. In the 1960, the patent was bought by Griggs Group Limited who then altered the name to Dr Martens, thus eliminating the German umlaut. The first Dr Martens shoe was released on 1 April, 1960, hence the shoe name: 1/4/60.

In the 1960’s and onwards, the shoes were a symbol of social and class change in Britain. First, as Pete Townsend’s reference to his blue-collar roots, later as a shoe of choice for the skinheads. Through it all, Dr Martens shoes were in the limelight, providing anyone who wears them with unmatched comfort and toughness.


In 1901, the Griggs family began making boots in Northamptonshire. Since then, the company had been growing steadily and in 1960 decided to manufacture and sell Dr Martens shoes. The shoemaking family business had been the owner of Dr Martens until 2013, when they were acquired by Permira, a private equity firm.

Dr Martens Made In England

Nowadays, most shoes are being made in Asia and local shoemaking communities are being left out even though they have so much to offer. Decades of experience and amazing craftsmanship should not be forgotten. That is why Dr Martens made in England is such a remarkable idea. It provides jobs and economic stability in British regions and it makes your shoes that much more British. Not all shoes are part of the Dr Martens Made in England line, so check out your desired shoes and see if they are locally made.

Vegan Dr Martens

In the era of the looming threat of global warming, more and more people decide to live a lifestyle that does not include harming animals in any way, even indirectly. Such lifestyle entails not consuming animal products and not buying items that were made out of animals. Dr Martens decided to reach to this target group by releasing Dr Martens Vegan line. The Vegan shoes are completely environmentally friendly and eco-conscious. Some of them might even be eligible to be used with Dr Martens discount codes, so if you want to help animals and save some money in the process, check out our Dr Martens codes and Dr Martens offers. Vegan Dr Martens are a testament of a company that cares about the environment and tries to preserve it.

Dr Martens Black Friday

Every seasoned shopper knows that the best time to save the most on shopping is during the Black Friday. Stores of all kinds reduce their prices as much as they can to bring clients into their doorstep and sell as much as possible. Dr Martens Black Friday sale is no different. Your favourite shoes in heavily reduced prices await you during Dr Martens Black Friday sales. However, there is a way to save even more. If you combine Dr Martens sale with a Dr Martens promo code, you will experience a new level of affordable prices.

Dr Martens Cyber Monday

You can find all the best Dr Martens voucher codes right here. Cyber Monday is a recent shopping holiday created specifically for online retailers. In terms of sales and special offers, it is a sequel to Black Friday, and not a bad one, either. A Dr. Martens sale during Cyber Monday can only rival those on Black Friday. Don’t miss out on all the amazing Dr Martens sales that are about to happen on the third week of November. If you do, we still have you covered. Here you can find all the Dr Martens discount codes to buy world-class shoes for a shockingly low price!

Information about Dr. Martens

The UK-based company is one of the most well-known manufacturers and retailers of boots, with the iconic Dr Martens 1460 model being recognized virtually anywhere in the world. However, boots are not the only category of items being made and sold by Dr Martens. Shoes, heels and sandals are also parts of the Dr Martens product line-up. The target audience of Dr Martens appreciates the finest materials and durability. They are also aware of the lengthy history of the company and its impact on pop culture. Given the materials and the high quality of its products, Dr Martens shoes and boots tend to cost more than your average boots. Luckily, that price can be brought down to a very reasonable level with Dr Martens discount codes and Dr Martens voucher codes. When it comes to durable and timeless boots and shoes, Dr Martens UK is one of the best options available.

Dr. Martens Address

71 High St, Wollaston
Wellingborough NN29 7QE

Contact Dr. Martens
helpline: 02039086901

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Brand Features

  • Frequent Discounts and Promotions
  • Discount for Signing up to the Newsletter

Payment Options

  • Credit Card
  • Klarna
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Delivery Options

  • Free Delivery
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Standard Delivery

Tips And Hints

Stores love it when people sign up to their newsletters. It gives them the chance to reach a large group of potential customers and to spread the word about any special offers available either in stores or online. Sign up to the Dr Martens newsletter and be up to date with all the Dr Martens offers and every Dr Martens sale before it even happens!

Getting free delivery is one of the best feeling during online shopping. Most online retailers offer some sort of free delivery, but there is often a catch. In the case of Dr Martens, free delivery is applicable to every purchase over £50.

Size is important. Especially if we’re talking about getting the right size of your shoe. The one you will wear for years to come. Dr Martens offers a handy and informative size guide. Check it before you order your dream pair of Dr Martens boots, shoes or sandals and you won’t have to deal with returns due to the wrong shoe size!

Not everyone needs to have items with the latest fashion trends. If you want to save a lot on shoes that may not be it this season, but still want to have the toughness and durability the brand is known for, check out Dr Martens clearance sale. This is a deal that slashes the prices of designs that used to be popular and trendy, but aren’t considered trendy now. Style is subjective and not all new trends are to our liking. Dr Martens clearance sale is a great chance to find heavily reduced boots and shoes.

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    Martens are boots for every weather and they match with every outfit
  • great

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    It's my fav shop when I'm buying footwear of course, I recommend it to everybody :)
  • weather

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    for every weather but especially for wintertime! It's always warm in martens <3
  • good brand

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    It's a nice brand with traditions. i like their styles and solid materials
  • for sure

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    Martens is the best shop when you are looking for boots which will stay with you for years!!!!
  • My first

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    I just got my first martens and I'm in love!!! I used the discount code and it worked
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    For this weather getting a pair of martens is a great idea - the best boots ever
  • great brand

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    I consider myself a fan of this brand, but I'm a little disappointed that there aren't so many promos
  • Yaaay

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    I'm surprised with this discount code to dr martens but I;m so happy, thanks so much xoxoxo
  • New new new

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    So I'm starting a new season with my super-new martens, this brand is great!
  • It's ok

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    Good shoes but the prize... It's ok when you buy sale items.
  • Hell yeah

    5 / 5
    It's my fav brand of shoes, they have nice prices in the sale but it's rare for Dr. Martens to have discount codes
  • timeless

    5 / 5
    I'm wearing martens for every outfit, they're timeless and for all-purpose!