Black Friday 2024
Which stores will be involved in Black Friday 2024? Like in previous years, there will be plenty of listed sites. The exact list of Black Friday bargains you will find on, it’ll be published preceding the event. On November 29th, please come by and experience the top Black Friday sales!

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Black Friday 2024 - get phenomenal discounts!

Do you take pleasure from shopping bargains? We know - we do! And there isn’t more proper time to do it than Black Friday! When it’s US Thanksgiving, start counting days till next Friday, because that’s the date when number of shops and retailers put out the highest percentage-wise discounts you will ever see. Ever-increasing popularity of the Black Friday can be witnessed up to date considering the fact, that coupons and discounts have spread from department stores and boutiques over to the internet, and this is where comes in handy. Mark the date of 24th of November, because that’s the date of this year’s Black Friday and that’s the date you will fall in love with us!

Where are the beginnings of the Black Friday tradition?

We can find them in 60’s Philly in USA where ever-smoking cigarettes accountants used “in the black” phrase to express that the day was profitable. That created the fortune association with the colour black. The Friday that follows one of the most praised holidays in America – Thanksgiving is a special time for American smart shoppers, though it doesn’t have a national holiday status, many choose to take the day off to fall into a shopping spree. The data shows that since 2005 most of the retail participants are indeed in the black that Friday more than on any other occasion. Moreover, one hundred million people are happy to take part in that holiday every year. Let’s see what 2024’s Black Friday will bring!

Black Friday 2024 discount codes online as well

A typical resident of the United Kingdom will spend 346 EUR on Black Friday in 2024– statistics say. The amount is so high because of the specially made promotions and discount codes for the purpose of luring customers that aren’t usually into smart shopping. This is possible thanks to the internet, ads and sites devoted to discount codes and sales bring customers to shop with one-day-only promotions and vouchers that make people stop being indifferent.