Singles' Day 2024
On November 11 - Singles' Day, you will find current discount codes and deals for such stores as AliExpress, SHEIN, PLT & Sephora.

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What is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day comes from China, where it is a real shopping celebration. On this day, the largest Chinese stores, such as AliExpress, are slashing their prices to allow customers to buy everything they need, at great discounts. The action is also known as the Global Shopping Festival, i.e. the World Shopping Festival. We can safely say that on 11/11 we celebrate world singles' day. You're not single? Don't worry! Discount codes, promotions, and other actions organized for this special day are available to everyone.

When is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day is always organized on 11.11. So it is not a moveable holiday, unlike Black Friday. The choice of such a date is not accidental. Number 1 symbolizes the single. On 11/11, promotions organized in stores encourage people to spend time shopping together and give each other small gifts.

Singles' day deals

Singles' Day on November 11 is a time of fantastic promotions. You can find amazing deals mainly in Chinese e-commerce stores such as AliExpress or BangGood. When it comes to the British market, electronic stores such as are eagerly taking part in the action. What can you expect? Certainly big discounts. You can buy many products much cheaper, some of them with a discount of several dozen percent.

Singles' Day History

Singles' Day was initiated by four Chinese students at Nanjing University, inspired by the four ones in the date. They reminded them of four lonely people. They found it a great opportunity to celebrate being single together. Initially, the custom was known only in student circles, but it quickly spread throughout the country. And although the basis is the opportunity to meet friends and spend time in a pleasant atmosphere, this practice was quickly picked up by stores. At first, small, private shops tempted with promotions, and people were eager to buy small items for themselves and their friends as gifts. That changed in 2009 when Alibaba held the Global Shopping Festival to celebrate its singles holiday. The festival turned out to be a bull's eye! It has been repeated regularly since then, and new players join the action every year.